Water conservation is extremely important.

Installation of a new toilet flapper and fill valve will keep your toilet running efficiently.

A dripping faucet can waste as much as 150 gallons of water each day, or 4,500 gallons per month. Repair the faucet to save water and reduce your water bill. Call Cuccaro Plumbing for a complete plumbing inspection.

Cuccaro Plumbing offers maintenance tips to protect your home against plumbing problems all year round.

Fall Tips:

Cold weather temperatures serve as a reminder that when winter arrives it can be sudden, often leaving homeowners unprepared for the troubles associated with extreme cold. Disconnect all hoses and drains, shut off all lines to exterior and drain and insulate pipes that are exposed to cold air. Call Cuccaro Plumbing for additional tips.

Winter Tips:

Holidays bring together family, friends and a few plumbing emergencies. Holiday parties mean extra guests – and these extra guests put a serious strain on a home’s plumbing system. Avoid pouring grease and fats down your drains, wipe solidified grease from pots and pans and never put hard to grind / stringy waste in disposal. Call Cuccaro Plumbing for additional tips.