Residential Services

Trenchless Technology

​Trenchless technology is a type of construction work that requires no continuous trenches

If roots have penetrated your sewer lateral, the roots will grow back bigger with each cleaning. Eventually the sewer lateral will collapse and need to be dug up and replaced.

Solutions for roots:

  1. Scheduled cleaning of roots till collapse (least cost)
  2. Dig up and replace with excavating (most cost)
  3. Line the Lateral (reasonable cost)

Cured in place pipe lining

Cost Effective

Replacing pipes is 50% to 75% more expensive than lining them. Lining is a non-invasive process. There is no destruction to buildings or landscape. Reconstruction costs for repiping can be 60% of direct pipe repair costs, and epoxy lining eliminates the need for reconstruction. Over time, up to 75% of the original flow capacity can be lost as result of corrosion leading.

Safe and Durable

Our pipe lining materials are approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) that validates anything relating to human food consumption. The odorless resins are also approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as the liners are used to restore rain drains and culverts that send runoff into lakes and the ocean where fish and other life forms exist. It is also approved by IAPMO, which was started in 1936, and is a third-party listing agency specializing in plumbing and mechanical products. Testing engineers estimate the life expectancy of the epoxy is roughly 50 years.

Minimal Downtime

In all cases, epoxy lining takes a fraction of the time of traditional repiping methods.

Minimal Disruption and No Occupant Displacement

Don’t Excavate!

Our pipe restoration process is quick, quiet, non-invasive, and rarely requires displacement of a building’s occupants. When needed, we stop service in a pipe for a few hours only.


Cured in place pipe lining is a new inner load-bearing pipe, the old host pipe can deteriorate completely and the liner will remain open. Epoxy lining can be applied in any metal pipe in any building, structure, or environment, above or below ground. This approach is used in the piping systems of hotels, high-rise condominiums, hospitals, restaurants, airports, schools, museums, U.S. Navy ships and commercial and industrial businesses. Our solution is available for potable water pipes as well as hot water re-circulation systems, fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems, chiller lines and HVAC systems.

Gas Lines

  • DOT compliant
  • Gas service lines
  • Gas house lines
  • Pressure testing
  • Roof top gas lines
  • Welded lines
  • Fusion gas line installations


  • Hydro jetting is more powerful than a cable machine
  • It uses high pressure water to knock away blockages

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is slightly pressurized smoke that is pushed through plumbing sewer lines to detect clogged sewer lines or an array of other plumbing issues. The smoke that we use for smoke testing is odorless and free of toxins. The smoke clears the area fairly quickly after the testing is complete.

  • Find Sources of Odor
  • Find Plumbing Faults
  • Test New Plumbing
  • Cost effective

Camera Service

  • Our top of the line camera system allows us to show you the condition of your lines
  • We can provide you with a USB drive

Water Filters

  • Whole House Water Filtration Systems
  • Krystal Klear water filters